Our Approach

Solar Power Is The Best Solution.

We know how tricky it can be living in South Africa and navigating the electricity minefield that is often handed to us.


In your homes, unreliable energy can make it hard to do simple tasks, like make supper for your loved ones or enjoying a warm shower after a long day at work. It’s enough to make you want to get off the grid!


For your business, unreliable energy can mean hours of production lost if a decent back-up system isn’t in place when load shedding hits. Even when the lights are on, the price hikes we have been experiencing – and can expect to experience in the future – can hurt your bottom line.


So how can we help?


Flagship Solar focuses on quality solar power solutions. We provide an energy usage consultation at the beginning of each of our relationships. This shows us where your real issues are – often ones you didn’t know you had! We develop a step-by-step approach to upping your solar power game.


Every single one of our solar installations is done to provide a quality solution to your energy woes. We work alongside our clients to find energy efficient ways for them to live a more independent and carefree life. And not necessarily by breaking the bank. There are a number of plans we can recommend to you before we secure your solar installation to the roof.

solar battery system