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A Solar Power System To Suit Your Need

Everyone uses electricity for different activities in our homes and workspaces. The correct solar power system for your needs can make a big difference in your energy consumption.


When we develop solar systems for home use, the typical focuses are on running geysers, making sure homes can run when load shedding hits and working towards a sustainable off-grid solution.


Small to medium offices can also function well with a load shedding solar energy system. Many industrial businesses – especially in the manufacturing sector – can see a large change in their bottom line once they make the change. Often they can see the return on investment within their first month of running their new solar power system, depending on the size of the installation.


The agricultural sector has its own needs that can be address through alternative energy. A solar power system can be used for the farmhouse alone, or to run pumps and make other electricity driven tasks cheaper to run.


There is always a case where a situation is unique and requires a different approach. Flagship Solar is able to come up with solutions and strategies to cover a range of solar energy systems. Let’s plan a free energy usage consultation, and we will be able to advise from there.

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Load-shed Proof My Home

All my essentials
We have amazing solar and battery systems that can help you to reliably solve the problem of load shedding and power outages, most situations do not require everything to run during load shedding. If you have a small amount of critical electrical that needs to run during a power outage then this option is a good choice. You can choose to run just your lights, wifi, TV, Fridge and alarm system or any combination of what is most important.
Let us know what your requirement is and we will calculate a system that is perfect for you.
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Off Grid

Everything, oven and geyser
Do you want to be self sufficient and independent of “the-Grid”.  Whether you do or don’t have a utility connections does not matter, you don’t “need” a utility connection to live an amazing life of “luxury and convenience without compromise” With a fully off grid solar system with batteries you can do and have whatever you want.
Let us know what your requirement is and we will calculate a system that is perfect for you.
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Runs My Factory

Grid tie feed-in get paid
Does your factory have a large roof space? Does your factory use a large amount of Electricity? We can install a custom designed power plant for your facility that allows you to produce a significant amount of your own electrical power using solar power. A Grid-Tie system is perfect for factories because when you have too little then you can draw any shortfall from the grid seamlessly and if you have too much solar power then the excess is sold back to the power utility for a fair price. Once the system is installed…it just works, no need to manage anything.
Let us know what your requirement is and we will calculate a system that is perfect for you.
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Runs My Farm

Disconnect my farm forever
Do you have a farm with an expensive electricity connection? Do you get charged massive amounts of fees and rentals just to have a tiny connection on your farm? This is totally unnecessary. We can run your farm using a combination of solar power, wind power, hydro power, batteries and a tiny support generator. There is no “need” for a utility connection.
Let us know what your requirement is and we will calculate a system that is perfect for you.
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Runs My Geyser

Save 80% on water heating
We have several ways to effectively reduce your hot water heating energy cost from between 80% to 100% using one or a combination of solutions. This includes using either a heat pump, a solar water heater, a gas heater, a pellet burner, a solar photovoltaic system or a simple or complex hybrid system. We can solve any size of water heating requirement from 10 litres and up to 2 million litres and from 35 degrees C up to 240 degrees C.
Let us know what your requirement is and we will calculate a system that is perfect for you.

Solar Financing

We’re making the move to solar power so much simpler with solar power system financing.  All you need to do is contact us, Flagship Solar, for a quote, and then submit that quote to the solar financing institution to start the application process. Our solar financing institute offers partial financing, ranging from 50 to 100% solar financing.

Once your application is approved for solar financing, Flagship Solar receives those funds from the solar financing institution to go towards your equipment and installation costs. You, as the customer, then settle the account with the solar financing institution in monthly instalments. The financing period ranges between 3 and 20 years at a 7 to 12% interest rate.

Flagship Solar is not responsible for the solar financing process, but we have partnered with a solar financing institution who will manage all applications and assist our customers as required.

Once the entire financing process is completed, Flagship Solar will take care of everything for you. We will deliver a turnkey solution to you at an agreed-upon time.

So, you have completed the financing process and you’re ready for your solar power system. What’s the next step? We recommend you go and look at our popular systems.

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Bespoke Solution

My situation is unique
Everyone’s situation is unique to some degree but some situations are just way out there. Do you want to melt wax using solar thermal energy? Do you want to bore tunnels using solar power? Is it art, culture, business, innovation, education or just something that I have to see to believe? No problem! Just have us come out and look I guarantee you that I can solve your unique situation with the appropriate and cost effective solution.
Let us know what your requirement is and we will calculate a system that is perfect for you.