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Load shed proof my home

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We specialise in Grid-tie, Off-Grid

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load shed proof my home

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We understand your frustration. You spend your hard earned money on electricity, only to be left in the dark or get handed a price hike. We have a way you can take the power back into your own hands –solar energy.

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We Provide Quality Advice

Cutting down on your electricity bill is often much simpler than you think. Consider a solar power installation and work with Flagship Solar. We begin every working relationship with a free assessment of your current energy usage, and often can recommend smaller projects first that will help save you money.

We now offer financing for solar power systems

We’re making the move to solar power so much simpler with solar power system financing.  All you need to do is contact us, Flagship Solar, for a quote, and then submit that quote to the solar financing institution to start the application process. Our solar financing institute offers partial financing, ranging from 50 to 100% solar financing.

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We Provide Professional Services

We work with residential, commercial, industrial and agriculture properties to find the best solar panel system for their needs. You can make a difference in your life by changing to a more cost effective solar power installation which will:

  • Save you money
  • Never leave you in the dark
  • Contribute to an eco-friendly energy movement
  • Use honest energy at your property – no monopoly corruption here
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How can you make the move towards solar energy?

Contact us and book a free energy usage consultation. We’ll suggest what you can do to improve your situation by providing a step-by-step approach. No need to go the whole hog all at once. You can make a difference in your life slowly if you need to.


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